Cycles wont load with my Eyematerial

Dear people of BA,

i once again come to you with a problem…

I have created an eyematerial. In Eevee it renders, but when i switch to cycles, it wont even load the kernel. It just says Cancel. I use Blender 2.83LTS and a RTX 2060

I dont really know what to do… or where the problem is …

Eyeball Material

Iris Material

here is a link to the file:

I hope somebody knows a way to get around this …

Thank you guys!

It works ok on my laptop…
Try turning off “viewport denoising” in “sampling” > “denoising” in the render panel, as the first time it is used it can take a few minutes to load.
Otherwise, try switching to CPU rendering, as that can solve a lot of problems with renders cancelling.
Hope that helps!

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thx will try that later!

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