cycles world and glossy ?

is there a way to stop the world to reflect on object materials
like in normal blender

either a global var to stop this effect
or may be per material ?

this can in some scenes create some probems of reflections colors ect…


Maybe this?

Well when the reflection ray hits the sphere what should it be? we can override it so that glossy is a different colour as per below

Also @rich, you shouldn’t have BSDF outputs going into colour inputs. green is not interchangeable with yellow… it will result in a rgb of 0,0,0 always… also attached is a simplier version of your setup (and will be faster because it doesnt use a mix shader node, which is slow, always do the calculations before the BSDF node, not after)

so on the colour mix node, just change the second input to whatever colour you want it to be instead of the world. Ive set it to white, you can set it to yellow / green / blue /whatever you want.

so this would be to modify the world set up
so that it does not reflect !

note that i still want other objects to reflect on other objects
but not the world

example like if you try to have dark glossy mirror the mirror color would be same color then the world
sometimes it is ok but on other occasion you don’t want to see the world color over riding every other objects!

i’ll do some testing

the enviro map is and HDRI map

could this HDRI map be replace by a proc texture instead ?

now the “is glossy” from light path node
does it stop or enable the glossy ?


Ray visibility under world tab, has been added in recent builds.

world ray visilibty
from which SVN ?