Cycles X 3.00 Fireflies (not in Cycles 2.93)


I’m trying Cycles X (blender-3.0.0-alpha+cycles)

The performances are incredible, BUT I always get fireflies.

When I’m using Cycle from 2.93 I dont have the fireflies, but as soon as I switch to Cycles X there is fireflies.

I use the same parameters for both render (clamping indirect at 10)

I already played with couples of parameters but I can’t find a way to get rid of the fireflies

Thanks for your help/advices


Ok I found a solution, I had to play with the Direct Light clamping.

So both direct and indirect clamping are necessary.

But it’s strange because with the cycles 2.93 the direct clamping was not necessary.

But anyway Cycles X render 4 times faster with higher setting …

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