cyclic animation only between some frames

Hi it’s me again.
The question is, to make a cyclic animation, wich is well teached in one video tutorial, but i want this circulation only between i say frame 250 to 350 or something and on the other frames the object has to do other movements.

Can you help me please,
Hope you understood me question

thanks and greez

You make an NLA Strip for the Action you want repeated and drag it to between frames 250 and 350. Then in the NLA window hit N and in the Transforms tab set the Repeat value to the number of times you want it to cycle.


ok so i made shift N and added a new strip, i put it in the direction from 250 to 650 an below the “strip start / strip end slider” there is the “action start / end slider” so okay i made these sliders from 250 to 450 because there the action is ( in the IPO editor)
if i understood it rigth the action should go normal from 250 to 450 and than its copied one time till 650 but in unfortunatelly it isn’t so. something doesn’t work, or i missunderstood " You make an NLA Strip for the Action you want repeated "

can you please help me further?

thanks ahead

Could you please post a blend? All I can do from this end is spout the theory.


ok the case is that this plus has to go out an and move back again for several periods. i hope you get my question :slight_smile:



I renamed both ObIpo.082 and Action to “PlusCycle”. I snapped that Action to frame 1 and scaled it to 50 frames long. I deleted your “Action” Strip and added a new one then dragged it to frame 250 and set it to Repeat 5 times. You can now snap, scale and repeat it to your needs. I placed Plus.001 on frame 11 so Alt-A is quicker.

In the NLA Editor (in your file) you had the Action icon showing left of “Action”. This only plays the Action. Click it to play the Strip or you won’t see any (Repeat, Blend etc) Strip settings. I also turned off AutoBlending and Add.


thank you very much

well it begins with the renaming, i don’t get it, how and where, can’t click anything to enter a name and in your file i see in the nla window plus1.001 below pluscycle and below plus cycle … in my window if i make strg A there comes in the lowest lane this yellow stripe but in the middle lane there aren’t any keys/markers/actions whatever :frowning:
I’m despairing :frowning:

Sorry, forgot to mention that for the ObIpo that is used for “Action” in your file (ObIpo.082) you need to click the Action Icon left of “Object” in the Ipo Window Header to make it an Action.

The reason I deleted the original Strip ( the one called Action) was because the Action it was based on Started on frame 150. I changed that to start on frame 1. I’m not sure if the original one has to wait 149 frames before playing the Strip or not, but I couldn’t get it to work so I deleted it and redid it the way I would normally do it:- make all Actions start at frame 1 and use their NLA Strips to position them in the timeline.


Great thing!! Now i got everything, thank you very much!

greez Bernd

Hi a little reask after an rethought

am i able to use this same object to do further animations instead of this “action” or “stripe” or what it is called? Or is it now fixed with it? If i want further animations with this object should i rather make this repeats per hand?


It depends on whether “further animations” means the same Actions will be used/repeated or whether they will be new ones. You can reuse the same Actions over and over again just by add ing them as Sequence Strips (I don’t think there’s a limit to how many instances of the same strip you can use).

If you want the objects to make different animated movements (transforms) from those in the existing Actions then you have to keyframe new Action(s). Unlink the Active Action by clicking the X in the Action Editors header, then “Add New” and start keyframing from frame 1.

It helps to do a StoryBoard beforehand, then work out which transforms can be keyframed as seperate Actions ie: atoms join to form molecule = 1st Action; Plus Sign moves to position = 2nd Action; Plus Sign moves back and forth = 3rd Action etc… then all these seperate Actions can be converted to Strips in the NLA Editor (some of them multiple times) and be arranged to animate in the sequence in which they will be rendered.