Cyclic animation reversed

I have two gears with a PathCurve and PathFollow circle to animate them. Trouble is, I want one to go clockwise, the other counterclockwise. Is there a way to flip the direction of the cuve’s animation? Also, I can’t seem to edit the curve in the IPO window.

AFAIK you can reverse the direction of a curve in edit mode - hit “W” and choose the command from the pop-up.

hope that helps


I tired using flip direction, but it doesn’t go counterclockwise afterwards. The dashed line representing the parenting moves, but it still goes clockwise. I’ve tried using both a Bezier circle and a NURBs circle for the path. Also, it never seems to be a perfect roatation. There’s a little bit of bounce in the gears.

yes, you’re right abt. the perfect roundness… btw, why don’t you simply rotate them by rotation keyframes? why’s the path-follow? just curious

Good question! :expressionless: I was semi-following a tutorial, and half using a technique there, and hf from another site. Keyframing would probably be best, you’re right.

Nonetheless, flipping the direction of the curve should be a right-answer. Check the IPOs; if the length of the curve and so-forth is changed, the IPOs don’t. The Speed-IPO can also be changed from an upward to downward sloping line.