Cyclic Cable? HELP!

Ok ladies and Gentlemen,
I have been teaching myself blender for several months now with large amounts of help from tutorials and so on. Some things are more difficult than others but I have finally hit a wall where I can’t find any answer. What I am doing is modelling a robot of sorts. It has a cable connecting at one end to the back inbetween the shoulders and the other end connecting on the back of the calf. The model has been painstakinly made to have very even topology and is quite smooth without a very high polygon count so I would hate to fudge an effect. Hence, I need some sort of set up which will deform the cable evenly, keeping the ends in place with respect to where they “connect” to the robot, and allow me to see the effect in pose mode. IK chains, and hooked curves (not spline IK’s) have been tried. Any ideas?