Cyclic interpolation problem

I made a simple walk cycle and wanted to use cyclic interpolation option for a loop cycle. I selected each bone i keyed and enabled cyclic interpolation of each of them but it didn’t work. say the cycle is 24frames long…till now everything goes well but on the coming frames, the mesh gets distorted:eek:…how does it work?

Seeing a .blend file would help… Judging by the pics, in pic 1 the character is close to what appears to be a ‘main’ bone of some sort, pic 2 the character is farther away. In 2.49 you can choose 2 different cyclic interpolations, ‘cyclic’ and ‘cyclic extrapolation’, and I’m wondering if some of the bones are set for ‘cyclic’ and some for ‘cyclic extrapolation’. I don’t know, but you can take the action, make it a strip in the nla editor, and set it to repeat there, after turning off ‘cyclic’ interpolation, and it’s a lot less work that changing every bone’s curves. My favorite blender tutorial shows how this works, start reading the animation sections here:


oK, thanks a lot Rand:)y, i’ll try to make it a trip and see if it fixes it and come back to you.


For loops that’s not the best choice. Simple key your bones normaly, let’s say a cycle of 20 or 40 frames, frame=0 should be equal to frame 20 or 40. Then the loops comes along extremely easy using the NLA. Convert the action to strip and select repetitions. Now if you are using a root bone for real displacement, then make an action for this bone only, the walkcycle should not have any any key in the root bone. So you can overlap both strips so your character can go forward.

I went through the tutorial but could not convert the action to strip:(. Here is a link where you can find the blend file so that you can easily look at the matter.

thanks for helping:)