cyclic motion

Hi, I’m trying to make a cyclic circular motion (a cube on a circle).

These are the first steps:

  1. Add, mesh, cube

  2. Add, curve ,circle

  3. Scale circle (to enlarge it)

  4. Select both curve and cirle, follow path

Now, the cube runs a round on the cirle from 0 to 100 frame.

I would like the cube to repeat a second complete turn from the 100-200 frame, a third round from 200 to 300, and so on, with a cyclic motion.

Which procedure can I follow?

Thank you


Could use path constraint instead.

Or, simplify and add an empty to the center of rotation, parent the cube to it, add two rotation keyframes to the empty, and change the handle type to vector and keyframe extrapolation to linear in the graph editor. It will rotate indefinitely with a constant speed, and the speed can be changed by changing the curve angle in the graph editor. The cube orientation and distance can be changed freely.

Thank you,
I have not succeeded yet.

I follow this steps:

1)Add Mesh, Cube

2)Add, Empty, Cube (I put it in the center of rotation)

3)Add rotation keyframes to empty: 0°, 360°, 720°, ecc. at frames: 0,100,200,ecc…

So, in animation, I view the empty in cyclic rotation, it’s good.
Now, I’m not able to join the cube to empty (to rotate like a planet around the Sun)

Maybe I’m missing something in the next steps:

4)I select both (empty+cube)

5)Parent, Object, Set Parent to Object

In Graph Editor:

6)Key, Handle Type, Vector

7)Channel, Extrapolation Mode, Linear

But the cube remain stationary.


Hey; Did you try a f-curve modifier (cyclic) ? post your file or use a driver ?, post back.

Yes, in graph editor adding modifier, cyclic, now it works fine.
Thank you all