cyclic squeletal animation


I’m trying to make a dancing character, and I’m tying to build actions for various moves (hand wawing, …)

most of those actions are supposed to be cyclic and be smoothly repeated.

So I edit my poses, and duplicate the first key and past it at the (n+1) frame.
and then I play the animation looping those 1 to n frames .

I have two questions:

  • is there any otherway than manually duplicating the first key to the last? (like, setting somewhere the duration of the animation and having blender automatically repeat the keys) - that’s a bit tedious when editing the move around the looping point…

  • and I set extend: cyclic, to get the cyclic animation, but while for all the other in-between keys there is bezier smoothing, at the looping point there is a discontinuity in “acceleration”.
    In the ipo curves, I can see a sharp angle, the tangent arent the same.
    Is there a way to make this “cyclic” mode also smooth the tangents?

To sum it up: what is the most convenient way to edit a cyclic animation around the looping point? (the first - last frames)


oh and I checked the various tutorials (walk cycles…), but they seem to proceed that way too.
It’s just that they use the most static pose as the looping point so the “ipo tangents” problem is less visible.

But for istance making big loops with a arm, there isn’t such disconuity to use as looping point. the arm just continuously and infinitelly loops at constant speed.

(or there is something obvious I don’t get. - I’m a total beginner!)