Cycling through different meshes on timeline? (object replacement)

Guys, is there any way to cycle through objects on the timeline (object replacement - swapping out one for another)? Lightwave has had this feature for years (uses list in external txt file), but I don’t use that piece of shit anymore and found myself doing yet another client animation where I am orbiting the client’s product(s)… and I want it to swap out to a different version of said product like every ten frames or so… Is there a relatively easy way to accomplish this in blender? (preferably without scripting if possible - I am a seasoned JS programmer, but have not touched scripting in Blender yet)

Animate render visibility of objects?

Huh? Err… What?

Select an object. Hide it from renders (using the outliner, or properties/object/visibility.) Keyframe that trait by hovering mouse over it, hitting ‘i’,

Sounds like that will (probably, hopefully) work perfectly! Thanks for the first aid, er… mr. bandages! ; - )

Edit: And this will likely be perfect for this gig since they are going to be happening very fast (prolly even faster than every ten frames), but for future reference I would (personally) love to also have a scripted version of this where I could just tweak a list or change the order of an array or quickly add/remove objects… Do you or anyone else know how this could be done from a list or array?

It kinds of depends on how you want your input structured. If you want your input as a text file or like .csv or something, you need to script, and I couldn’t help you with scripting. But if you wanted, you could encode your input into a texture image, and then sample that image texture in your materials to mix transparency into your materials. Animatable in a number of different ways. Or, encode your input into an extra UV map and just read those UV coords raw, with frame offset, instead of doing it through a texture.

Yeah, I don’t think sampling encoded images etc would be efficient for swapping an array of meshes… but text or csv sounds like the right path. If anyone wants to share a sample script, that would indeed rock. Again, I am not using it on this gig (since I am in a major hurry), but I know I would be doing it via scripting in the future, for sure. And this would be a nice little toe-dip into Blender scripting pool, I have no doubt. I am a programmer, I just simply have not touched any scripting in Blender yet…

Im new to Blender and also Python (but do have some expearience coding other languages), so take this for what its worth.

This seams like it could be handy and ive been meaning to try and work with the timeline so ive started this. Right now somethings are hard-coded and a bit sloppy so im not ready to share just yet, but heres what ive come up with so far. You can set what frame to start the visablity toggling on along with an end frame and the intervolt at which to show an object for. Works for both the viewport and also rendering. Gonna add a “file selector dialog” so a person can list off the objects in a text file just to tired right now and wanted to get the core of the script working (atleast alittle). When ever the timeline is stopped, all objects are shown. Heres a quick video, will get into this more when i have more energy.

Any feed back and ideas are wellcome.

Rendered out…

Did alittle more work, have the file select dialog working. The script will also check to make sure the object name in the text file exsits in the scene. With-in the text file a person can use a pipe after the obj name to specify the duration of that object to be visable, if no frame count specifed, then the default frame count from the panel will be used. Also added a list in the panel of the objects listed in the text file. Working on collection next.

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Finished up the “addon” (atleast in-till someone finds a bug) if you try it out and have any feed back, please toss it in the addon’s thread, would like to keep everything in one place if possible.
Hope you find it usefull… take care.

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YES!!! I will try this out the very first chance I get! Might be days… You da man Joe!

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