Hey all,

I just recently got back into cycling on a regular basis and am in training of sorts for a centenial ride that is coming up in a little less than a month. I’m doing okay as far as my lower body strength goes I feel, but it’s my arms at the end of a ride that feels like they have been beaten.

What is a good way to build upper arm strength for the long ride? Any cyclists out there that could give me some advice on that?

boxing, rock climbing :o

A good link to review:

I have found that while touring, good gloves, handlebar pads and changing
grip positions really seems to help. Also, you might wish to use more of your arms/upper body in the whole act of cycling (push/pull on the handlebars while pedaling), try to use your whole body. Toe clips are nice as you can also pull up as well as push down on your pedals. A good touring bike will have a bit longer wheelbase then a racer, and allows a more relaxed position while pedalling. I don’t race or mountain bike, so (limited) advice on touring is all that I can offer. 60+ miles a day shouldn’t be too hard if you just “get into it” and don’t push yourself too hard. Also, be sure and stay hydrated and keep your electrolytes up. I hate cramps! :slight_smile:

Thank’s to both of of you for responding. I appreciate the tips. I have noticed that the more I ride, the better I feel. Weather permiting I would like to try for 15 miles today. By the 23rd of September I would like to be as close to 50 miles as possible. That’s when a ride that a friend at work wants me to participate in takes place. I’m really looking forward to it.

you can also buy a car without power stearing, and drive a lot.

you can also do gokart, I am not sure exactly what muscle it make work but you feel your arms especially where there are long turns.

Thank’s everyone for responding. I spoke to a guy at work today who is and avid cycler and he told me that it sounded to him like my stem length was out of adjustment and that the reason my arms hurt were because I was having to reach to far forward. He suggested I raise it some and see how that feels.