this project was inspired by a remark in the dynatopo thread, where a cyclops challenge was suggested… i immediately started my cyclops, in dynatopo… i roughed out the pose, expression and all essential shapes in dynatopo, and then when my machine could not longer handle the mesh in dynatopo, i switched to zbrush for further modeling… uv and textures were made in zbrush too. then i switched back to blender, and composed the scene, and rendered in cycles. i used a heavily modified version of the sss shader that was discussed for cycles, created by blazraidr.
not my usual topic, but i had lots of fun, and i hope you enjoy it too

I like the modelling and textures here, the club is great. I think the SSS might be a little too much, although perhaps that’s the effect you were going for.

Pretty darn nice cyclops there, would love to see him in some sort of scene :slight_smile:

Whoa, my mother in law lost an eye?

Heheh, nicely done, also would like to see him in a scene!


If he’s textured you should paint his toenails…
maybe an off white… or something??(similar color as the club)

other than that, i like him.
good job! :wink:

Good lord…I think I woke up to that this morning in the bathroom mirror. =|

At any rate, very nicely modelled. It’s grotesque to look at, but I think that’s the point. So, well done. =D


lol… great reactions ! thank you so much guys and girls :slight_smile:
crazychristina, yes, the sss effect is strong, i did so since i thought he would look a tad vulnurable this way,
dreif, gcharb, admitted in a scene he would look even more interesting, but i think i rather move on. he was fun though.
holyenigma74, aaahhh i completely forgot (!) the toenails… good eye you have.
jdaniels,yes grotesque was the intention,a human born with just one centered eye, which sadly actually happens :frowning: cannot survive, my cyclops however grew to a strong creature, and, yes, therefore i wanted emphasis the grotesque…

So how did you make the furry loincloth?

it is two meshes : the first giving the general shape, rather lowpoly. the second lies on top of that and is a fibremesh from zbrush, similar to particle hair in blender, but where you can tell zbrush to create polygonal tubes for each hair (though zbrush complains about that, but insisting and ignoring the complaint, zbrush finally creates the tubes. so, this gives a highpoly mesh, which looks like thin hairs when rendered in cycles, since the tubes have so small diameter we cannot see its actually tubes. but, since it is a real mesh, cycles can render it. i used it also in the michael portrait project to render actual thin hair, and it works great as a substitute for blenders hair as long as cycles cannot render it.

Very nice doris. Well done.
Fake SSS is OK, maybe too glossy.

i like it! :slight_smile: though maybe seems a bit plasticy

thanks michalis and cdtabomb, yes maybe too much glossy which i think makes perceive as plasticy… will watch for that on next project.

I really like this … is a great job … thanks for sharing

zbrush is a good app!

thank you ! i am glad you enjoy it…yes, zbrush and blender together are a great combo. cycles renderer is awesome, nothing zbrush can deliver. zbrush has some advantages in modeling, when using a slow machine, like me, blender needs good machine to work smoothly. i am happy, that i can “marry both worlds” :slight_smile:

great model…how many polygons???

thanks mojza… the cyclops himself has 800 000 polyies (plus a displacement map), the fur about 1 000 000 and the rest together about 250 000 … not too highpoly, but the limit what my machine can handle within blender

Great work,nice details…and what coincidence,few days ago I decide to try dynatopo,and my choice is also cyclop.Honestly,I never hear for that challenge.I hope,I’ll find some time to finish him.Regards :wink: !!!