CYLCES Landscape now with added birds

Dear Blendians,

I did this project back in the days of Blender 2.64. Then, in the Cycles renderer, neither Hemi Lights nor a Mist Pass were available. This scene is lit by a single light source: a Sun Lamp. The atmospheric perspective effect is made by tinting and blurring the Z Pass.

For this post, I rerendered the landscape at a bigger size - after making the sun lamp brighter and adding the birds. (They are just white spheres pushed and pulled into shape. They look OK, yes? :confused:)

The World Background has a navy colour. This helped me get darker shadows but doesn’t make a realistic-looking sky. So the sky is actually a composited Blend Texture.:eyebrowlift:

The landform mesh has been used in several of my landscape projects. It was made with a Terragen 8 bit grey-scale image used to displace a much subdivided plane (in Blender). It has about 68,000 vertices.

The rock material has 4 textures. These were combined in Material Nodes, 2 Noise Textures and 1 Image Texture for a rough pitted look and 1 Magic Texture for the sedimentary colour striations.

By the way, this is a 100% Blender Cycles image. (That is, no further image manipulation was done to it.) It took about 25 minutes to render using 20 samples.

Hope you find this interesting.

Yours Blenderly,

The atmosphere looks pretty good… I need to experiment more with the miss pass. I didn’t think cycles has hemi lights available yet.


Looks like you’re right and Blender Cycles still doesn’t have Hemi lights.
My lastest version (2.68a) doesn’t:

(This is the light source in my Blender 2.64 landscape - a Hemi interpreted as a Sun Lamp.)

Well spotted harleynut97