Cylinder mesh dimensions incorrect

When I add a new mesh cylinder and I rotate and scale it, the X dimension is correct but the Y and Z dimensions are reversed and I have spent hours trying to figure out what I have missed or not done correctly, but to no avail!
I have attached the blend file where there are 5 objects, three of these read correctly, the length being along the Y axis, the width being the X axis however, the 2 new cylinders are showing the length as Z and the width as Y ??
Hours on the web and still I have no clues as to how to get these dimensions to change.
I would be most grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.
ThanksWORKSHOP-lesshull.blend (2.4 MB)

Having wasted many frustrating hours looking at Youtube videos and getting increasingly confused, I have finally sorted it out and I am replying to my own post in the hope this will help others.
The new cylinder mesh is added in Object mode and already has its origins/rotation set but this can only be changed in Edit mode so, Select cylinder, go to Transform tab - Tool - check Origins, this brings up an axis gizmo on the object (not essential but jolly helpful). Now Tab into Edit mode and rotate the cylinder (the gizmo stays put)
Tab back into Object mode and now when I scale to the dimensions I want, those dimensions are correctly shown in the corresponding XYZ boxes.
Simple and obvious once you know and explained here in a few sentences instead of hours of confusing waffle on youtube.

Basically your issue is not separating how object mode and edit mode influence your meshes. When you edit a mesh in edit mode, your scale rotation and translation will always remain the same; scale will be 1,1,1 rotation will be 0,0,0 and location will be where you brought the object in at no matter where you drag everything. Object mode relies on object orientation scale and the origin point. Any edits here will make changes to scale, rotation and location. This will also cause problems for you at times in edit mode as well, especially scale messing with bevels and such. I would say scale should be applied with ctrl-a in object mode almost always. Rotation may be left alone and help with object placement, and translation, well use your judgement. If you want modifiers to work correctly many times the origins of object must occupy the same location.

In short, without looking at your file, I would say that you would have to select the offending objects, press ctrl-a and apply rotation to them to reset the rotation to 0,0,0, and realign the axes to world space, it can be a double edged sword though.