Cylinder, Sphere from view questions

Hi all,

I’ve tried running some searches, but to no success.

Are there any guides to using the cylinder, sphere, and cube projection unwraps in Blender 2.49? It also seems to behave unpredictably for me.

I know that changing the cursor location affects how it unwraps with cylinder and sphere methods, but aside from that I’m at a loss.

I’m trying to unwrap a conical cylinder and can’t get it to unwrap into a nice square. With Blender, what’s the best way to do planar mapping like 3DS Max and Maya have?



Have you read the wiki section on uv unwrapping.


Thanks for the link, I can never find that damn wiki when I search for it on the Blender site. I’m just daft I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t see it mentioned on there, and maybe this is a stupid question, but will “cylinder from view” / cylindrical projection, work on a partial or half cylinder?