Cylindrical Lights?

Hi Everyone,
Long time since I posted…

I was wondering if there is a provision in blender to create a cylindrical light? Not a spot light which is conical…

Or export it to another renderer say POVray?


They could be added as a povray only setting

Ideasman, so you are saying it is not there yet but could be added as some additional export option?

I know it is getting a little bit on the analytical side of things, and blender does not like to get analytical…
Also the renderer needs to understand this kind of lights so I am guessing existing one does not support it?


I’m not sure if this idea works. I’ve never tried it in Blender. Maybe a cookie works? Assigning an alpha map to a light source?

masking a sun light?

Oh yeah right or just using a real cookie how embarrassing :o:evilgrin:

Thanks for the reply guys,
Like I said this is on the analytical side of things, which means I want to control the radius, fadeoff, length etc etc…
I could do it with an alpha map, but it is not exactly what I intended.

Assign a texture to the light. Then add a Blend effect, sphere and adjust it with the colorband? Maybe this works for you.

i’am afraid the closest thing so far is to create a veeery distant spot lamp with a sharp degree, set its clipping according to the scene and hope nobody will notice the “little bit not parallel” rays casted. the pros is that with a spot you can have control over many settings included falloff, radius and shadows

i think that would be a worth addition to Blender’s Sun lamp. right now its infinitely big, though most other renderers and modeling packages have settings for falloff and radius (with 0 being infinite).