Cylindrical or spherical lattices

Does anyone know of a way to make a lattice cylindrical or spherical? I am being frustrated to no end trying to modify a mesh that is cylindrical and having it end up being “squareish” I did do searches on the topic and could not find anything except frustrations. Adding many extra U,V,W, layers tends to “round out the errors” but the squareness is still there. Any thoughts?

Thanx, pixelmass

Just a thought: maybe the cast modifier ?
Have you tried that on a lattice ? I think it can turn your lattice to a sphere if you set it to “sphere” and factor 1.000.
It should work for a cylinder too…

Lattices are by essence 3D rectilinear arrays of control points.
Unfortunately any deformation using any mean like the cast modifier, the wrap (Shift+W) tool, PET, etc… will communicate to the object under modifier.

Believe me when I say that I understand your frustration when trying to control a shaped object with a square matrix.

One way around this, which has proven satisfying for me and might work for you too, is to insert a new primitive mesh of your choice, in edit mode, around the target object and use that primitive in combination with the PET tool to control its shape. Simply remove the faces of the control cage (Xkey > Only faces), select part of that control cage, set the PET tool to your taste and have fun.
One nice benefit is the possibility to move, resize, rotate or otherwise deform the control cage without affecting the target object simply by going out of PET for a moment.
Of course the control cage can also be a simplified version of the object itself or anything to that you fancy.

It is not quite the same and would be hell without the availability of the undo stack. It doesn’t have the usefulness of lattices for animation but, if anything, it is a more powerful, less constraining and more intuitive way of working with even mildly complex shapes.

This is just a variant on a trick Modron taught me a long time ago.

Cheers, as they say :wink:

and use that primitive in combination with the PET tool to control its shape
I am afraid that you lost me here. How do I use another primitive to control the target mesh? How do I make it a control cage for the target mesh? Is this like a nurbs control cage?

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Edit Ooo, ooo, I think that I might understand…Off to coffee.

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Let me know how you’re doing with it: I’ll be back tomorrow.


I thank you for the technique!