Cylindrical unwrap

I’m making some simple plastic bottles to put a yet-to-be-released logo on so a customer can review what the bottles will look like with the design.

I’m using cylindrical projection (from side view), but where I hit a rim like this…

…of course I end up with the flat plateau mapping as a straight line with several vertices stacked on top of each other.

I would like to select an edgeloop in the main 3D window and then be able to budge it up and down in the UV editor so that I can spread them out evenly in preparation of the texture map.

How do I do this simple selection & movement?

there was a thread on bott;e last spring you could get idea on this by doing a search
on this subject

you don’t necessarely need UV mapping to do this and it also depends if you need some transparencies on part of the bottle
anyway this is discussed in the thread

good luck


I do want to UV unwrap as it uses a label, and unwrapping the whole bottle is cleaner, also allowing for scratch maps (bump, spec etc). Having a map is also good for customer relations as they can discuss reshaping the label “live” and then instantly see a render of the product bottle.

The only difficult with shaping is this rim (there are four like it overall) where the lip of the lid meets the bottle.

I could make planar “rings” and cut them off, but I think pulling them up in cylindrical is better as the edges touch, making it more seamless.

This should be an easy question for people who’ve done a fair bit of unwrapping in Blender.


Sync uv and Mesh selection button.(uv window icon)

In 3d view you can select vertices (or edges) and then switch to uv window and move the selected uv vertices.

Excellent - that was what I was looking for. Thanks.