Cypress Tree

Hi Artists,
I need tutorial or model of Cypress tree for my game project,
i can not find it on the net

Use cylinders for the trunk and branches, and planes with alpha textures for the leaves. Search “blender game engine tree” in google or something; you have to be general. I doubt there are any tutorials specifically for a cypress tree, so find one for just “tree” and go from there.

I know how to make tree, but this is different
Here is a picture what i want to make

try to make it and you will see how much hard is

Cypresses are pretty easy to fake, actually, because they have such a distinctive shape. Try just making a simple shape like that of the cypress’s outline, and put a leaf texture on it. If that’s not good enough, you may put a second shape around it and use an alpha leaf texture to add a layer of detail.

I already try, but it"s always look ugly.Can someone make it for me:eyebrowlift:

Probably no one will want to make you something for free. My advice is to keep trying.

hi good trees and inspiration for creations is in assasins creed especialy the cypress… look on google for screenshots

Thank ,i am finished my cypress tree after many days, i looking for texture right now

Cypress from Assasin Creed is created with alphamap texture (like grass for bge)