Another arbaro test…

Only link, it’s a big (200k) image


Great job, S68! But I think a little bit of contrast would help for those tree thingies. They look kinda washed out…

mmm… they looks like cactus to me :smiley: you really could do somaething better :wink:

It looks very nice and close to realistic. The only problem is that the trunks seem quite thick in relation to the grass and the leaves look very large and clumped together.

Overall it’s a very nice piece of work, especially the ground.

running late so a couple quick observations.

First thing that I notice is the quality of the grass. Excellent. The wheat in the foreground is very good.

I agree the trees look a little like cactus. Seems like the leaves are either too small or too dense. And too the trunk feels corrugated. Tree shape though is great.

Scene kind of feels like there should be some grape vines in there somewhere. :wink:

What strikes me as odd is that the grass very noticable separations between the rows, as if a farmer is growing it as a crop…And I don’t think a farmer would want a tree in the middle of his field of crops, lol.

And the tree appears to be ornamented with cucumbers :o

Keep working on it and i’m sure it will turn out great!

I see what you’re shooting at, but I don’t think you’ve hit the target yet.

I wonder what type of dupli is it. Never mind. I need it :smiley:

They look a little blocky to me, you might want to improve that.

could you send me the grass model and texture, that is exactly what I am looking for for a project! my email is jellywerker at

Do i see Fiber 2.03 in there?

Anyways, nice render. YafRay?

the trees don’t look like they are on the ground, they look they are behind it. it very well may be, that they are behind that hill, bu tthat makes it look a bit strange.

i like the weather.


Thanx all :slight_smile:

darko Yup, I’m not very happy with trees.

wiggie & Marty_D Yes, sadly cypresses do not have leaves, but scales, very hard to do. I tried many many small leaves but they are either not small enought or something else…

Aristole THat is crop… and it is plenty of trees in middle of fiels here :wink:

Burt.S. No dupli at all :slight_smile:

JellyWerker Besides that blender050 correctly points out that you can get Fiber 2 and use it to achieve this result, the .blend file is 145Mb so I doubt I’ll send it.

blender050Nope, blender internal

basse hehe just 1 cloud texture mapped on world :wink: