Pure 2.43.

Postpro done in the compositor, took me quite a few tries to get the compositing right because I wanted the edges to show and such without making it too bright.

The dragon gets lost in the background, because of the colors being too similar. Use a background color that contrasts better with it, so we can see some of the detail.

Your texturing is cool, but this piece seems more experimental. And honestly, if you’re going to plug that dragon model into every piece, would it hurt to put it some different poses every now that then?

I know I propably should keep my mouth shut, but that is one ugly piece of work.

Sorry mate it just doesnt work for me.

Looks like endless copies of a discombobulated cube, the same old dragon you’ve used 15 times before, and some kind of wireframe of a blown-up mesh.

that would look wicked if I were high on something right now.

A Perfect Summary.

I mean seriously CD what is this? What does it mean?

I think I broke 2 records here when you include the PM I got about this piece.

-One of the worst comments anyone has ever gotton for any piece in the history of the board
-Lowest rated work in the history of the board.

Somehow it seems to be my work that brings out the worst comments of any piece posted here.

This thing sucks. If you would make things stand out more, it may get 2 stars…


You already were in a good track with your work CD, and then you go and post something like this. I have to ask, did you even think it through before you posted this? This is a major step back, and that’s not a personal attack, even though it might feel like that.

You should be glad, that people take the effort to give you feed back. You can’t grow without feedback. You should know what this community expects from you by now. You are capale of doing some pretty decent work if you put some effort in it.

THis imasge would’ve actually been okay, but for the dargon, and the number of lines. Cut out about 25% of the lines, and screw the dragon.

Sorry man, It doesnt work.

2 stars

Cyborgy! By now, you must have dragon scales for skin with all the LOVELY comments you receive. Truly thickish skin, I’m sure. Wear your Mithrail proudly, young son.

However, the previous comments were quite correct. Deleting the dragon, however fond you are of it, would result in a much more interesting piece. If you must cling to this theme, then put him somewhere less obvious. (Use him as a signiture in a lower corner, for instance. A blurred shillouette. Or hide him on a facet of one of your cubic thingys. Make us look for him.)

Additionally, mixing organic and inorganic themes should be done only by the elite. (RobertT and such)

One other note, I’m red-green colorblind, and even I can see the dragon’s color is misplaced. Google “color blind.” Take the test.

Eh, I don’t like this one so much either. The overall look is something like one of those magic-eye posters, before you can see into it.

Also, it may suck to learn, but an armature would probably do you a lot of good at this point. Also, I hear that they can be adapted to similar forms once made, and I imagine you’re going to be modeling a lot of different dragons in the years to come. :slight_smile:

I’ll just be over here in the corner shuddering at the concept of rigging (or heck, modeling), a seven-winged angel-dragon, ok? :smiley: