Cyrillic Text

In my entry to the latest CGTalk Challenge I need to use a Cyrillic font for some text. I seem to be having trouble on the point though. I have found a few Cyrillic fonts that should fill my need, but when I try them in Blender I can’t seem to get the right letters. As far as I can tell the problem is that Blender doesn’t read the character mapping correctly, the natural problem of using a 26 character keyboard for a 30 some character alphabet.

Does anyone have and experience using other alphabets with Blender that could give me some tips?

type the text you want into a text file

load it into the text window

create a text object out of that [if not in the menus then someone will have to give you the shortcut]

then load your font

for japanese text or other things requiring unicode support this will not work
[there was a patch for tuhopuu that would have made that work, but I think it still hasn’t been ported to the offical tree]

I located the latest Tuhopuu build for OS X, looks like it does have the unicode support in it. Now its just a matter of getting back to my computer and testing it out. Thanks.