Cytherean Sunset

This is my O.C. for my project In the process of making this, I saw an opportunity to dress her up a bit more and added a few Easter Eggs to the overall image.

This was modeled and rendered in Blender/Cycles with Clip Studio Paint vector tools used for inking.

Cloth sim was used on jacket and shirt, with some sculpting to make corrections. Everything else is posed by armature. All box-modeled from a Default Cube. (Default Cubes are People too.)

Project Page:

DeviantArt Page (includes much older, much yuckier renders):

4K Preview:


4K “Artsy”:

Blender Viewport:

Raw Cycles Render:

I am not an artist, I can’t draw or paint or create anything “artful” freehand. My brain is wired for software development and I think too much about variables and precision. However, thanks to Blender I can create assets and put it all together as a final work of art.

If I keep this up, I may be in danger of becoming an artist thanks to Blender.


I’m hypnotized by that cat pendant! :heart_eyes:

I’m joking.
it’s a nice illustration.
Nice modelling, coloring and composition.
Really a well done summer mood image.


Looks nice, great job on the shading! The colors are so vibrant and vivid!

And it was modeled from a Default Cube? That’s like 10X as amazing as a SHIFT+A one!


That’s some pretty fabulous NPR, even before the postwork. Absolutely gorgeous execution!


Love your style!

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really nice bro

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Amazing! Love the style and colors!

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You are an artist, mate! Having a more technical brain doesn’t make you any less of an artist!

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She looks really pretty and the color palette is very cozy! Very beautiful artwork! This is art, man! :hugs:

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This is beautiful work

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Damn its amazing. can you make a breakdown article about the shader and the post processing stuff or maybe an article about just how you got that amazing stylized look?



There is not a lot to break down. I am not using any add-ons, or making super crazy node setups with the materials, or doing anything special. It’s just geometry, lighting, and materials, and of course a skin texture with makeup on the face.

When it comes to UVs and Materials, I have no idea what I am doing. This is literally what I do with Nodes, and sometimes I get lucky.

I think what makes it stand out is some of the post stuff I did, with upping Saturation and Vibrancy (Photoshop), because in general, Blender/Cycles outputs colors that are either too dull, or too dark if you add saturation. So I use Photoshop to increase these values which gives me good vibrancy with the saturation (doesn’t look dark).


And the line art was simply using the vector tools in Clip Studio Paint, learned it in a day, with YouTube tutorials on how to use the tools.

For the overall look of the character, I originally modeled her based on two real life 90s actresses, Alicia Silverstone and Kristy Swanson. And once I hit that look, I then stylized up from there, such as bigger eyes, smaller mouth, nose, slightly larger head (to keep it cartoony). I also slapped together a hair piece based on manga, but without the typical bangs.


I don’t have an actual process. I just do things randomly until something comes together.

Everything I learned came from other people who helped me like @Ascalon or from random YouTube tutorials.



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You say you don’t have a process but this seems like a process too lol. Thanks for the breakdown post it was really interesting. since past month i am trying different types of stylized style. I liked yours so i asked for it. to be honest its surprising to me that it was such a simple node setup. and @Ascalon Thanks for the tutorials I subscribed :wink:


you definitely have a good eye for appeal. You can be one of them rare Engineer/Artist hybrids who do both well !
:muscle: :mechanical_arm:
Keep it up !

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Congratulations, this work has been nominated for the ‘Best of Blender Artists 2022’ award in the #characters category! You can vote for it here.

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