Cython with Blender?

I finish an incremental triangulation with Python coupled with Blender, unfortunatly, it is too slow, only for 400 points in the plane, it takes more than 3 s. I just want to know if it is possible to do it in Cython, which is more quick and work with Blender?

I dont know Cython and if it works with BLENDER, but I had similar experience with Python - some procedures working fairly slowly… I solved the problem by re-working their algorythm so they now work about 30 times faster doing the same… I’ve seen (in the BLENDER source code) Python routines that basically only start a C-routine which does the think. Im not a great expert in the matter so I cannot advise you to use (or not) such a practice. If you publish the problematic procs, people may give advice on how to optimase them… eventually…


Have you tried Psyco? http:// Just import it and you code will automagically be optimized.