Czech Sitting Room

Here is my first attempt at an arch viz interior. I hope you enjoy! Would love feedback (Although I’m finished with the project).

Thanks to Marcin_HRN for the lovely armchair.

The lighting is unbelievable…in a good way…so very well don!

Nice job on this, I’m currently working on a arch viz project, so I can appreciate the nice wanescoating and other moulding you have added.

I’m really curious… what method did you use to do the arch moulding around the window?

This is so realistic, the lighting is fantastic!

Thanks guys!

cristian garcia: I agree, I would have liked to have the lighting a bit brighter.
harleynut97: I didn’t have to model the molding for the window, I just used the window generator addon. You can then change the top frame to an arch. You should be able to find some tutorials on it if you need help. It works great! :slight_smile:

cool work bro loving the textures and the lights :slight_smile:

Everyone says the opposite, but I love dark images. :slight_smile:
The light is awesome!

Thanks guys!