Czerw's 2D sketchbook

I have decided to start a sketchbook for my 2D stuff here.
I want to show you some of my sketches and also more finished pieces…
It is for self improvement, so any criticism is welcome.

You can find some more of it on my artstation.
I will start from a digital painting I did lately:


And another recent one:


totally cool, man.

wow really nice art!

Hey, thanks guys!

Here is another more recent piece.


More please! I love dark fantasy.

Thanks man, glad you like it!

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this looks great. I like surreal art.

Appreciate it! I take a lot of inspiration from art of Beksinski, Giger, Redon. I am interested in automatism, in letting your subconscious taking controll of the creative process. It ties in with psychology a lot, which is my another interest. Thank you for stepping in!

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