Czerw's sketchbook

I have decided to start my own sketchbook thread.
That will be mainly 3D characters - monsters, I want to focus more on that.
All questions and critique is welcome.

The Cyclops

I will start from this charming lad I am working on now.
I plan to model, texture, animate (some basic idle stance) and export him to unity) I think im about 90% done right now.
Please tell me what you think.
Oh, it also would be really helpfull if someone experienced in game making (unity, bge, it doesnt matter…) could test him for me later on…


Animations preview:

And textures.


I am taking a break from the last creature. I think I need to make a character with clothing as I have not much experience with that.


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In the meantime… Time fly fast ehh…


And another one…

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And this one. Model is old, but I put a new texture on him. I wan’t to be able to create fast textures, that would look good enough for presentation, without unwrapping the model.

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Nice one!!! the likeness is greate!

Didn’t notice your reply, thanks!

A wip of new character I am working on.


The new character is looking awesome and the crouching character is very likable!

Thanks man, appreciate it!

Wip of my new dude.

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Wip - deserted monastery location

…the rest of it

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niiiiiice monastery! Is it for a video game?

Better late than never, right? :confused: It was! Test assignment for a location for online rpg. Sorry for bumping.

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I am updating my thing with few random projects made last few months or refreshed recently.
Hope you are all doing well.


I’ve updated this guy a little bit, will be printing him next :slight_smile: