I know you guys do it too. Com’n, admit it!

  1. Favorite campaign setting?
  2. Favorite race?
  3. Favorite class?
  4. Best in-game item you’ve ever possessed?
  5. Coolest / Funniest in-game experience ever?
  6. Favorite skill or feat?

For me:

  1. I love d20 Modern. I’m a big fan of grenades and guns in-game and I have the ranks and feats to back it up!

  2. Either humans or elves. Elves have mad dex. :wink:

  3. I pretty much always play fast, sneaky characters. High dex, low chr. I’m the bastard that stole you’re gold with an insane Slight of Hand check.

  4. Elven great bow. 1d10 damage works REALLY well with Weapon Finesse. 2 attacks per round, mo fo’s!

  5. A friend and I were once trapped in a chinese prison. (This was a d20 campaign obviously.) The cell was filthy with human fecies among other things and we needed like hell to get out of there. So, my friend calls the gaurd over. He ops to throw his own shit at the gaurd and when he rolls his check, he gets a nat. 20. The DM running the game runs his campaigns with crit. success and crit failure. So, when my friend threw the shit, it hit the gaurd in the face, he fell over and choked on his own vomit… There was much rejoicing…

So? How 'bout it? D&D?

Haven’t played for years & years, but:

  1. More or less straight swords and sorcery type stuff, back when d20 was all there was (and a d20 was actually marked 0-9 and 0-9 again)

  2. I preferred human because of the open-ended options. In tournaments where there wasn’t an ongoing campaign, I’d play an elf or half elf, if I could get it.

  3. Magic User, especially in higher level campaigns. I also had a Paladin once that I was very fond of.

  4. Girdle of Storm Giant Strength, bar none.

  5. I was playing a character transported from WWII into a D&D campaign. The DM threw two giant skeletons at us. It was my first campaign ever, and without thinking about it, I hollered out that I was pulling my .45 service revolver and shooting at them. Everybody thought this was funny and a cute newbie mistake, as the bullets were likely to pass right through without doing damage. The DM said that if I rolled double zero on percentile dice, he’d give me some damage. I got it, and then he said he’d even give me the chance to do extra damage, since it was a much more powerful weapon than even a cross bow; if I got over 50 on percentile dice, he’d give me extra damage. I rolled a 99. The DM ruled that the skeleton was hit in the sternum, the force cracked it into a myriad of shards, and my whole party could take a +2 morale boost for the rest of the fight. I’ve never been that lucky since. :slight_smile:

never played it… truth

I tried the Matrix RPG and the Mazes and Minotaurs (M&M) RPG and didn’t like either of them much. RPG’s just aren’t my thing. I play Mage Knight and the LOTR tabletop battle game with one of my friends now, but that’s about as far into conventional (non-computer) gaming as I go. We’re a christian family so my parents would flip if I ever played D&D anyway.

Heard of it, but that’s it.
It seems to be very-open ended, thanks to the inclusion of the Dungeon Master, but I wonder how you can do tournaments with an open-ended roleplaying game…
Sounds like fun anyway :smiley:

sounds like a stink festival…and you know it to be true.

I’m typcially not an RPGer. However, I love how open-ended D&D is. Even d20 Modern, which seems to be much more limited in terms of number of classes, feats, etc. is great fun to play.

I personally don’t think DMing would be all the fun, though I’ve never tried. I prefer to play instead.

Actually, I hadn’t even tried D&D until recently. I thought about it a few years ago but never really got into it because I didn’t like all of the rules and knowlege required to play.

I started with a d20 Modern campaign, which required considerably less knowledge and I liked it immensly. Soon I tried a D&D campaign setting and loved that as well.

Unfortunately, the game has bad connotations. It’s considered both below the “cool” individual and “evil” by those of various religious persuasions. It’s too bad, too. I think if more people gave it a chance, they’d like it.

Is this for dungeons and dragons? I once saw my friend playing it at his friends house on a board game, last I ever heard of it besides maybe tv or a movie.

I never played D&D on paper but I’m a big fan of Neverwinter Nights Pc game which is extremely close to D&D rules. Roleplay servers are great too

I know this would be posted sooner or later, so I’ve decided to post it.
This flash video is the perfect stereotypical game of D&D.

I enjoy D&D, although I’ve only played a few times, so I don’t really have a favorite way to play it.

The best experience with D&D was on a school trip. There was a large group of us, but we were at a hotel and we went allowed to leave the room, so we played via speakerphone. There was one guy that had never played before. At one point in the game, we stumbled upon some orcs in a room with large wood doors. We were slightly overmatched, so we baricaded the doors with a table. The orcs started to break through the door a little, so sure enough, the new guy shoots flaming arrows at them. The door ends up burning down, and we stopped playing because we could help but make fun of him and we weren’t getting anywere.

I really like D&D, but I haven’t got to play for a while. I am hoping that I will be able to play again soon. To anyone that hasn’t played before, I suggest playing a game with an experienced DM. It will get you hooked.

Heh, D&D nerds. Talk about cliche.

Anyway, I never touched the thing (in spite of it’s obvious popularity). I could never really see the interest in that “Wizard, Knights and Magic” thing, it’s all far too in the past.

I’m more into the future. SciFi nerd, I guess.

I’m interested, but I don’t know anybody else who D&Ds, or really want to put aside the time. (funny, I can watch all of Last exile in one weekend, you’d think I have lots of time to spare…)

eh, it’s ok, if you have a good DM, and if you’ve played enough games. I’m still a newb, and get confused very often, which is why my character type is always the same for every campaign (don’t know what campaign classification it would fall under): Human Hexblade. yeah, i know they’re not “the best”, but it was the first class type i saw, and it’s the only one i can deal with. i’ve never really had any glory moments, and i don’t play very often, but my DM friend has a habit of sending hoards of gnomes after me. for some reason, i always roll horribly, and end up fighting them for like, an hour, even if the group playing is really small. they do practically no damage to me, but they piss me off. whatever, i gotta find some new DMs. though, i do remeber, in my first campaign, my DM was also working with a crit success and crit failure system, and some giant of sorts was running towards me (i was screwing around and made a spectacle of myself) and as it was running at me, i decided to shoot from my short bow that i was carrying, rolled a 20, and the arrow struck the giant in the eye, killing it, which made me gain something like 3 levels in that one fight. i haven’t had that kinda luck ever since, and i doubt i ever will. ok, sorry for wasting everyone’s time!

For those of you that can’t RP with other people because you don’t know anyone that’s interested, Neverwinter Nights is an excellent game based on pretty much the exact same rules. It takes a little while to get into it, but when you do it’s damn addictive…

@Trevin: I rofled my self /me goes to change pants

@Social: You might like d20 Modern or d20 Future. Simpler ruleset but basically the same game. Plus you get to use guns and stuff.

That’s how I learned how to play. Put me in front of a D&D board and I’m ready to go (yea…I have 500hours logged in with Neverwinter Nights and the 2 is coming out soon. I can’t wait lol)

I’m certainly into DnD - I’m DMing a Sunless Citadel game at the moment IRL, and I play a few online play-by-post games as well. Admittedly, I haven’t played it for all that long - I jumped in at 3.5ed, and don’t have that many of the many books.

As for NWN, it’s good, but it doesn’t have all the variety that RL DnD has - a lot of it is hack’n’slash (although, so saying that, I haven’t ever played it online so I am probably utterly wrong).

Um… the questions:

  1. General fantasy sort of settings. I’m thinking about getting into Eberron, though.
  2. Anyone. I like playing Kobolds, sometimes, but I’ll play pretty much anything.
  3. Wizards, often. Alternatively, I play swashbucklery-type fighters. When I get the Complete Warrior I intend to experiment with the Swashbuckler class. I’ll play nearly anything, though. I try not to play generic characters, or generic race/class combinations. No halfling rogues here, mate!
  4. Well, since I mainly DM, and don’t really play very high level games, I can’t really answer this. It’s really up to the DM - in a low-magic game, a +1 sword could be one of the best finds ever, while in normal DnD, it’s next to useless at higher levels.
  5. I’ve been mainly DMing, so my players:
    “I summon a celestial dire badger”
    “The badger flies into a rage!”
    “Wait, the badger shouldn’t have got through its damage reduction…”
    Once, the party were negotiating with some kobolds, who they suspected of trapping them in a sealed chamber and trapping the outside. The party planned to go about peacefully, but then the rogue shot one of the kobolds, killing it in one hit. Angry about this, the paladin hit the rogue, dealing non-lethal, and critted, dealing about 20 points - more than double the rogue’s hitpoints.
    They then had to carry the unconcscious rogue about for the rest of the day until the cleric could heal him.
    DM: There are a number of holes in the wall, that weren’t present before.
    Rogue: I shoot down the holes!
    The kobolds shot him back. They also threw oil and alchemist’s fire.

6: Depends on the build. I like finesse builds (dex instead of str to rolls to hit), but really I have no major preference.

There, more than you ever wanted to know about my DnD games.

Sorry Dante, Neverwinter Nights on the PC is as close as I get. (I’m getting Neverwinter Nights 2 today!)

As long as you don’t get into LARPing you should be fine.

Although an official BlenderArtists D&D campaign thread where a selected DM and a few members play sounds like not a bad idea.

  1. My favorite official D&D setting was Ravenloft but I also liked dragonlance a lot. D&D was never my favorite game because I liked dark future, cyberpunk or giant robot RPGs the best.

  2. The kenders in dragonlance

  3. ranger or thief

  4. I was usually the DM, and the other DM almost never gave out magic items.

  5. The characters found an abandoned military outpost that a powerful undead monster was using as its lair. The creature was living in the underground barracks and only came out at night, so the characters went during the day and spent the evening setting up an elaborate string of traps that in thoery would smash the creatures head and set it on fire as soon as it opened the door. Well, at nightfall one of the players somehow forgot about all of the traps and decided to open the door to the barracks himself :eek: needless to say he didn’t survive and the undead monster had a good laugh about the mess he found on his doorstep before the rest of the party ambushed him.

As long as you don’t get into LARPing you should be fine.

Yeah. I’m not one to judge, but that’s a little out there for me :wink:

Although an official BlenderArtists D&D campaign thread where a selected DM and a few members play sounds like not a bad idea.

That’d be fun as long as there weren’t too many players. Otherwise fights would takes weeks.

NWN is a damn good game but I think I like traditional DnD better. You get to hang out with your friends and the game itself is much more flexible IRL.