D_structorr's 3dMovie CONTEST

-I’m making a movie and this is my progress thread.

-You can try and guess what the movie will be about. (simplify or elaborate)

-The most accurate guess post gets their forum name in the credits, and the .blend file.(in .zip file) (acuracy decided by elysiun forum in a poll-so it’s fair)

-3 runner ups get a model of their choice from my movie.
all entries get the original avi (compressed; under 120kb) of the
movie (if you want it -it’s clearer than release tho^^)

     -(Major clue below) -have fun!!


all i can say is O_o…

Keep trying, the more shots I get done, the more the newer “clues” will make sence :D.
–The movie’s not random, so there’s a plot in it; …somewhere…
(clue # 2 revieled…)
-can you fegure it out?

this is all very mysterious. post some more pics and videos so i can better grasp this interesting idea.

Attack of the Eyeless monsters! did i guess right…

You’re closer Enriq776, but since lucidMonkey asked for another clue… I will give one more…


-Keep guessing, it’s not that difficult :smiley:

cake, cake is my guess

actually i asked for more pics or a piece of video from your movie.

i like the guy on the right, could be from a tool video…


(movie’s all in pieces; -shots) Getting a clip from it would be too much work (Since I gotta find something that won’t give it all away…)

-one more mention… the main character’s not in the picture…

…clue #3… (since we’re on food…)
“No feathers” (piece from the plot)
–whoever gets the closest guess of what the movie’s about wins…

Bird Cake!

There’s “food”, but no “cake”.
clue #4 (a genre) there’s Y7 violence… and… there’s a vaccum…
(Keep guessing; I’ll post a better clue tommorrow)

  ---a clip or a picture; 

-I must continue work on my movie I am to complete it soon.
Have fun guessing, and there’s no guess limits.
I have no hand on who wins; the participants choose.
(winners will be chosen by a future poll on this thread-in a few days)

attack of the dust bunnies. bunnies are food.

Oh im having fun…


thats kinda a long title…

I’ll quickly narrow this down… (clue)
— …the story takes place in ONE room, and muscleman is not in it.
(he’s in credits)
–Keep guessing; (hey, as long as it’s only the two of you, no one leaves empty handed… unless… more entrees…)

I think that the title is, and i quote:

“Hmm, i have all these random characters that i built, and i wanna make a movie. hmmmm, ooh! i know, i’ll pretend like i have this great plot and i’ll make everyone try and guess it, and then i’ll post all these random clues to make it more interesting, then i’ll take the weirdest one and say they won! it’s foolproof!”

That’s my guess, i’m a shoein to win :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL (I’d have never thought of that!) -I guess since muscleman’s a zombie…

closer...  You 2 are really even; but when it's all over,(movie release) the poll decides who won^^;

is this a porno or some other smut. because if it some type of beastiality flick or gay porn i am going to be so upset :<

This would be true… except for one little thing…
-Why would I make random characters and not texture them?
-Why does a poll decide who wins when the movie comes out?
-Why would I start this thread?
(So I can get help on some parts of my movie, and so I can give the .blend files to someone who wants them :smiley: )
The movie’s in the making, & my first movie is in my signature (Hope you like it) (& my site)

It’s not “mature” It’s clean; even a kid can watch it.
(Though a kid may reconsider ever going to the zoo after watching it…)

…Or maybe not… -kids don’t scare easily these days.

I’m leaving for now; I’ll post a clip from it tomorrow like a clue. (I hope someone likes the movie in my signature…) When I’m not here, Im at
-so I better get working on the movie…

this is far too easy.
i’ve got it.
there is no doubt, its so obvious.

so, there’s this bird that eats a radio active couch or love seat,
mutates and becomes a zombie who is obsessed with cleaning

such a tired old plot, i’ve seen it a thousand times.