D_structorr's movie in progress :D

I’ve recently started on a short after a lot of needed practice:D

Here’re a few .gif animations I did to test out my character’s rig…


This was the main keyframing…


after a little fixing (giving it a little more life)


and this one was to fix a few annoying glitches that were pointed out by some friends:D

I’ll do more (different) .gif animations to test out the rest of my charracter’s rigs, they probably will be more basic… and maybe include a bit of secondary action too…
(I’ll turn the images into links in my next post)

Looking really nice man! keep it up!

~MaMaGoody :wink:

Thanks:) -what do you (or anyone) want me to test my next character’s rig with?

-I was thinking about a frontflip down a building, then rolling afterwards, but I’m not sure…

A 360 twist off a half pipe?

Howabout a 270 flip off a stair railing, and plants his nose into the concrete?

Good stuff, wish I could do that.


Since this file was just to test my rig… I’ll just share it. (I was going to delete everything but the character and the rig…

-Well, here it is:
withdrawn… (forgot to put a GPL thing on it )
D have fun with it
-D_structorr/ Dwee.

Not to seem rude, but as far as the realism of it goes, it’s not very good. The rigging (though not shown) seems to be very good. I would however like to point out as he goes to to the double kick onto the box and links it to a manual, it’s not as smooth as a skater should be getting. For it to be a single trick, he needs to land in a manual and ride it off a box. If you had intented to do this then don’t let my little nitpicks get in the way. lol. :smiley:

-=On a side note=-

I skated for like eight years till a 360 flip down a 6 stair killed my knee. My friends and I were perfectionist skaters so if I seem a little nitpicky I’m sorry, just wanna help. :stuck_out_tongue:

Point taken:)

– I really don’t like 360 flips… I started back in '98, and my favorate combo’s always been: manual-> shove to nosemanual-> nolie 360 shove out:) I just skated for fun… (flatland only tho…).

okay, here’s the second rig test:


I had to rush it cause I still gotta do uv textures… (and live unwrap is a lot of fun)