D_structorr's thread (lip sinc project)

I decided it would be beneficial to the forum if I accumilated my blender works on this thread, so I won’t start needless threads consuming elysiun’s bandwidth:) --This means it’ll be easier to find my triumphs and blunders :smiley: … or avoid them :o … (hmm…)
-well, here’s my first of the bunch;
http://media.putfile.com/talk0001_0096 -Trying out poses…

nice work. why not try a walkcycle?

Well, I kinda mixed the two on this one; also, I got to texture the model by LSCM.

It was fun, I got a nice map to where I dress my character any way I want; any shirt, and any trousers… but I’ll have to fix the head unless she’s always gonna wear that helmet…

well, there’s the second one (same set different actions)


I saw faces here, got gelous, and decided to post my own^^
-(actually, I’ve been working on this for quite some time now…)
I couldn’t get the movie to load, so I’ll just leave it out and post a better one later.

Halloween stuff… :slight_smile:


-box modeling… (took about 30 munites)

I’d strongly suggest you read putfile’s Terms Of Service carefully, as they own the rights to any file you upload to them. Try imageshack.us they only claim the right to publish it on the web but you retain the copyright.

I’ll start hosting using imageshack… I knew about the terms of service, but not about imageshack… Thanks.

-removed- needs 2 be reworked

I’m working ion lipsynch, and this is the actor I’ll be using (since I can add sound now^^;)

-the render…


the 2 wires:)




that’s it for now:)

c+c welcome^^;