I have decided to make a d20 dice, because I’m a Dungeons & Dragons’ Dungeon Master and sometimes a player.
Modelling time: 60 seconds (add>mesh>ico sphere>subdivide 3 times>smooth, add>plane>scale)
Then I had some fun with the materials, UV texturing, raytracing etc.
Final effects:
C&C welcome!

This is a bloody simple piece, but I really like it.
I really like the font choice on the die faces. I like the smooth - almost round feel of the die.
I really like the austentatious material of the table top - like some 70s nightmare.

I just don’t like the picture with the spot, the volumetric light is way too much for me - too opaque or something.


That’s why there are 3 different pics :slight_smile:

I like the lighting and texturing effects you put in there, I can easily tell you simply assigned a texture to the light source in image 1 and possibly number 2.

lol, then you’re wrong!
It’s a marble texture assigned to a plane :stuck_out_tongue:

i have to say i love that floor and those colors yes it is simple but i like it

Dices look good, but maybe you can make some background? Maybe some game cards or something. Put them into some environment. Tell the story.

sure, why not. but first i got to get an idea :slight_smile: