DA blues

(blengine) #1

i call it “harmony”…i was gonna put it in the wip seciton, but i already started a new project so i wont be coming back to this =) but it was a fun project to set me free of my rut…


the harmonica is a bit oversized, just think of it as a novelty harmonica for 2 people =D

what do u think?
i might add stuff later, like a label for the harmonica…but while ive got this blending feeling surging threw me, i wanna make sure i dont loose it, so moving on and moving up!


(S68) #2

Cool image :open_mouth:

As usual,

from you.

If you reallyreallyreally need critics:

The wand looks like a magicin’s wand, not a orchestra director wand (they usually have a cork handling and a very light wood body, conical in shape, all white so you can see it better in dark hall…

The materials are great, but the table is tooo perfect… some dust, a scratch…


(sten) #3

I love it…

how did you do the DOF thing ?

I like your style of doing scenes with Blender !!

(blengine) #4

s68, the wand IS a magicians wand =)
ztonzy, zblur plugin for the dof =D

thanks for the comments guys 8)

(BgDM) #5

Very nicely done imgranpaboy!

Everyhting in the scene looks great, except the harmonica for me. It needs to be shinier. Harmonicas typically have a chrome/polished metal finish to them and usually they have a few rust spots, cause you usually need to soak them to play them properly. But other than that, great image, as always. The deck of cards is amazing looking. I hope you didn’t place every single card to look like that? If so, you have more patience than I.

You bring a great sense of feeling to your images that a lot of people seem to leave out. Great work.

I am still trying to figure out what the heck the picture of the dogs is doing there, but hey, has to be there for something.


(Andy Goralczyk) #6

wow… that’s really cool, as usual.
i agree with BgDM, the harmonica should be shinier like chrome.
good work :wink:

(blengine) #7


woooo…well, i shined up the brass… fixed some stuff
and thanks to haunt house’s wining i added a screw instead of the cheesy metal casing in the first pic =)
i admit i do like it better and will stick with screws in the future 8)
theres nuthing better than a good screw, am i right? :wink:
anyhoo, im done with this, and thanks for all the comments

(shibbydude) #8

I wish that I had the creativity to create this. What does the “flatness of wOOt” mean? I have wondered since September 2nd :).

(blengine) #9

thanks shibby =)
“flatness of woot” u ask? well in short, its the fruita bega…zoot zoot!


(shibbydude) #10

Is it from a book? Cause it sounds interesting. Or is it from one of your crazy dreams or drug trips? If it is a book what is it so I can read it.