(muteinvert) #1


it’s nice, eh?

(valarking) #2

looking good, but kinda flat

(Ecks) #3

You used the emit button? dont used it used light with shadow you it will not have this flat look! Nice start!

(shibbydude) #4

Nice modeling. I would like to see a controller, though, and maybe the dvd tray open. I know that could be hard but its just a suggestion.

(muteinvert) #5

http://www25.brinkster.com/muteinvert/xbox.html (danger, really high res)

i need lotsa comments!!

(shibbydude) #6

Great tray. I like the xboxy atmosphere. Still need those controllers, though. And then after the controllers the realism factor will be WOW.

(Eric) #7

I am not going to vote.

quite nice render thought :smiley:

(LohnS) #8

GameCube for ever, X-Box NEVER!!!

(Eric) #9


(LohnS) #10

I feel sorry for you Eric, its a great model, but unfortunately you are weak and have been brain washed my good old billy boy.

Play a GameCube and it might be enough to break it =)

(Eric) #11

Your lack of irony is your weakness. :stuck_out_tongue:

My lack of sence of humor is mine :smiley:

(LohnS) #12

hmm, looks like i can do nothing for you, i’ll leave you with your disk scratcher, have fun…Eric…MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 8)

(Eric) #13

I’ll better wait for the tuxbox to come out :smiley:

(Pooba) #14

I don’t even need to look at it, i know all mute inverts stuff is crap :smiley:

Just kidding.

Nice xbox!


(theeth) #15

you might be mistaking it for the tuffbox :smiley:


(Pooba) #16

Look at hte poll, maybe now you’ll believe me when i say that XBOX SUX


(Skates) #17

xobx…“far superior” system specs wise…but do they have ANY games that measure up to even smash bros.? (halo, sure, heard it’s good. whatever.) GCN rules the earth and xbox is just a pathetic attempt by microsoft to get thier foot in the gaming door, it’s not a serious system and will probably go the way of that panasonic system or Sega CD. (if they’re lucky it’ll be as successful as dreamcast.)

as for the model…not bad but I really don’t like the materials at all. Sorry. The pic is way too big to get a good impression of the whole thing.

(rixtr66) #18

looks good,but it needs more shadows ,hmmm oh well,im a picky s.o.b. anyway,looks nice,the modelling is good :smiley:


(bg3D) #19

Add a controller. I still have my dreamcast. Bill told me that
they won’t follow dreamcast’s footsteps, eh…we’ll see. :smiley:

(theresnothi) #20

looks accurate enough for me, just make sure microsoft doesn’t sue your but off for making that.

I like Playstation 2 and I think those poll answers are sorta lacking an answer, for those who actually like sony products