DAE Collada Animation

I’ve been very surprised as to how well the DAE model format seems to work. Specifically with armatures. If I import certain model formats, the skeleton has individual bones that are unconnected to each other making it odd to work with sometimes. I’d give a visual representation, but I’m unsure if I’m able to post links\images yet here.

The long story short, I REALLY like the DAE format as it doesn’t have this issue and I can simply export to this format, re-import, and it looks golden. FBX support even though improved in the latest version of Blender, seems to still be a bit shaky. The problem I’m having with the DAE format is animations. I can export animations just fine with the DAE format. It’s perfect, no problem.

However, when I go to import these animations, they import as another object. With another model format, if I were to have the model in its standard t-pose and I imported one of the animations, it would affect that model directly and I could instantly see the animation working rather than just a skeleton animating.

Essentially this is what I would like to do with the DAE format. I’ve messed around with the dope sheet\action editor and I couldn’t do anything. Basically, I’m just stupid. Anybody have any information that could be helpful?