.dae files - unable to import textures?

When i clicked that link it threw an error. I tried the same night you posted. I’ll try it again and see if it works . . .

EDIT: The video looks like it is working now. Ikari, I am watching it now. I’ll let you know if it helps me. I am sorry I thought I had posted above that it was throwing an error, but apparently that post never stuck so you never knew I was having issues. Oops.

If your browser can’t play it (works fine here), download it and play it locally.

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Nope got it to play. must have been the computer i was on before but on my main PC it’s working great.

I did get the hair and clothing textures applied and am following your video and am up to 9:44 in the video. You said repeat the step for all 4 meshes, but for some reason on the skin and eyes meshes, even with the material selected, the texture window comes up blank. Did you have the same issue when you were texturing this?

Oh - watched the rest of the video. Okay so eyelashes are out of the question. I rendered them invisible. For the purposes of the game I am playing I very highly doubt anyone will be paying any attention to eyelashes on a passenger they are driving around. I know i sure won’t. The hair strands are no big deal either. But i am still stuck on the skin as the texture window still comes up blank when I try to follow the steps. It only populates with cloth and hair.

Use the scrollbar to scroll up…:wink:

Oh sonufa . . . I need to sleep more! ROFL! That was definitely my blonde moment. Jeesh. Okay so once she is skinned and I have her posed, and i go to export her as a obj, textures and everything will HOPEFULLY export with her . . . here’s crossing fingers . . .