DAE import MakeHuman Armature out of scale issue


anybody worked with MakeHuman and brought a rig via DEA into Blender?
It seems that it works well besides the armature being out of scale.


There are many diamond meshes inside the human figure and I assume those
are meant to be key position for the bone root and tips?


So my theory is that I should be able to adjust the bones and use the diamonds as a reference?

On a different note could anybody who works with MakeHuman export it into mhx format import it into Blender and send it to me? On the mac side it seems not to work at all.

Why are you posting all your tech support stuff in news and discussion?

mh well because it was about Makehuman - but I see your point.

Hi Claas.
I’ve only been involved as an artist/modeller for MH, so I can’t help you with the tech stuff I’m afraid (I only work from .Blend sets and I haven’t checked out the bones export yet.) But what I CAN tell you is that we always use the base of the feet as the scalingpoint for the models,( It is a bit counterintuitive since the origin is centered.) so you might be able to use that as a workaround. Yes, those diamonds are the joint references. and by scaling the model from the base, you should in theory be able to make a snug fit. if it doesn’t work properly, try scaling the armature instead.
If that doesn’t work, I can’t help I’m afraid. You could go check the site though, might be that someone there knows how to fix it in a proper manner.

If you use makehuman and blender it’s better to export to mhx, which is a special intermediate format between makehuman and blender so no information is lost.

Hi Frizmer,

the issue I find actually with most difficult is that in most host application the mesh deformation is pretty good such as in DAZ but with the DAE export the never carry over.

That I found also the issue with MH to Blender including MHX which I finally found a build that would work.

The most interesting aspect is that with most application they export a much better armature as BHV
then with using DAE.

But I assume that is the issue with exchanging the formats between different applications.

I had a quick chat with Manuel about this a few minutes ago, and he says;
“unfortunately our dae export is just a quick hack…we should find someone that work seriously on it”
So incase someone who has some insight into these things reads this, please go to the MH site and establish contact with the team if you’d like to contribute with your knowledge.:slight_smile:

ah that explains it!