Daedric Dagger

This is teh daedric dagger from the game TESIII: Morrowind. CnC welcome. All sub surfs, all procedurals except for hte floor, I’m working on a better texture now for the floor, being stone instead.

Glow from the built-in glow sequencer filter.


Great lighting and texturing, have you ever considered brightening the underside a little? Other then that I can’t find any problems.

Wow, that’s beautiful…
It looks wonderful, great work!
My only crit is that it looks too smooth.

cant see the wonderful pic :(.

really nice!!


That is one sexy letter opener. :smiley:

I love it.


im goin crazy here!!! i want too see the pic :(. rips out his hair …

OUCH… heys stop making my sword look bad u monkey :smiley:

ooo awesome :smiley: Did you model most the blade details, or is that just texturing?

how much would I have to beg to get those textures?! I’ll do whatever it takes!!

Awesome work, Dittohead!



You mean the procedurals? They’re built in. :wink:

I agree with the others here.
That’s awesome! 8)

Adding a stone texture is a really good idea.

:frowning: i want too see it :(.

Nicely done Dittohead. Very detailed.


It’s strange some of you can load the image and others can’t. I’m not sure what’s going on. Maybe your ISPs are extremely slow at updating their DNS tables.

Kansas: thanks! But what do you mean by underside?

lemmy: Thanks! Which looks too smooth? Is is the amount of spec? Or does the middle part of the blade need to have harder edges? I’ve thought that myself.

grimreaper: Sorry, I’m not sure what say, I’ll check the access logs and see. Do you get a DNS resolve error, or can you atleast contact the server? If you get a dns error try going here: or

Caleb: hehe, got a good laugh at that one

fasoft: haha, sorry man. I saw your sword and I think it looks pretty nice!!

mr_bomb: most details are geometry based, dirt and bum mapping is of course textures.

spindlerift: the texture on the ground below I got at Mayang’s Free Textures, they are extremely hi resolution, and they rock. You’ll have to make them tileable yourself in photosop/gimp but they’re really nice. The one’s on the dagger are hand made using blender’s built in procedural textures. I’ve only scratched the surface of what they can do in this image.

block01cube: thanks, I’ve always enjoyed your stuff a lot!

wiggie: yup :slight_smile:

JDA: stone texture is in the image below

BgDM: thanks! Any crits?

And here’s the second latest image, I’ve got another one with a desaturated (in the coloring) ground coming up later.


Nope. Not yet anyway. The stone texture you have here is nice. As you said, it needs to be desaturated some, but that is all I can think now too.



OK, this might be a candidate for a final. I did some working around of the glassish material and I think it looks better now, more like the original.

And the ground image was desaturated. I think it looks great (or at least a whole lot better this way, the only color we see is in the jewels.)

Maybe decrease the specular on the rocks. Unless that is from the glow plugin causing the highlights.

Nice contrast in the jewels with the rest of it. Really nice.