Daellus - Sketchbook

I haven’t had the opportunity to mess with Blender for a few years… Life, and all that. But now I’m getting back into it at long last. Unfortunately, my laptop can’t run anything later than 2.79b. So until I get my workstation built, I’ll be working with that.

Not too bad, though with all the new features and designs that I’ve seen come along for Blender, I can’t wait until I can catch up with everyone else! :smiley:

(This just an old character - JaNook - that I hope to revive from a long lost BGE project…)


Playing around with texture nodes, trying to refamiliarize myself with the Cycles engine and the whole environment (especially compositing!).

This was a new area for me… I didn’t know you could combine Internal Render and Cycles into a single composite. I did this one loosely following a tutorial. Now that I know you can DO that, I have a LOT of ideas to work on :smiley:

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I have no idea what I was going for here, except to try to make a seamless loop in a tunnel. This was one of the first things I tried when I opened Blender back up the other day. It took a helluva lot longer than it should have. Sheesh! So much to remember!