This is the first model for my next project. There is some ugly texture stretching on the pitcher, but my main concern at this point is getting the flowers looking good. Any suggestions on that front would be greatly appreciated.

What??? WHOA! Awesome!

They look… great!
I guess my only crit is that… maybe they look too clean? But that’s it…
REALLY good job. O_O

this is a whip ehh?.. wow! Beautiful work. Only suggestion would be to put it in a scene as beautiful as the subject.

Very nice. I’m not sure what the best way to go about it would be, but try to emphasize the soft translucent aspect of the flower petals (maybe with some subtle backlighting and a richer material/texture combo)

Looks excellent. keep working it!

Nice job on your modeling.Crits: I don’t know if that type of flower this is shaped as it is but at the moment they look like balloon flowers(balloon flowers look pretty real but you can tell).Should the pedals be separate to give them depth same with the inner pedals¿I can also see that the arch in your pedals are the same for each maybe make some variants to give an organic look(maybe fold some pedals inward a bit etc.).Maybe make the pollen a lighter color to standout from the same yellow shade.


Great job so far! Can you describe your current lighting setup? I think that’s what’s keeping this from looking 110%. Shadows are a bit flat and black/grey-ish. Another part you might work on is the stamen (?), or whatever those things are called, I would think it’d be darker at the tip or something. Great job though, really. :slight_smile:

You said ugly texture on the pitcher?? It is pretty good actually. It shows the contrast between what is beautiful and what is ugly. I think you can maintain it for final presentation.

I think the pitcher texture looks fine the way it is, almost photorealistic overall.

For the flowers, i think you might want to try some slight color ramping for more contrast in the shades. It would be wonderful if you could pull off that satin like material that flower petals tend to have.

Just gorgeous texture work.



Holy frickin’ cow, that looks…um…SPECTACULAR!!!

I would call this a Finished Project if I were you. :o

Thanks for all of the comments so far, I’m glad you all like it.

The texture stretching that I was refering to is mostly on the handle of the pitcher, perhaps it is not as noticable as I thought is was. I am currently working on the flower textures, lots of trying to tweak the ramp shaders for a nice satin look. I am also going to adding more variety to the different flowers to make sure they don’t look alike. There is a little bit in there now, but it is much less noticable than I thought it was, I’m glad you pointed that out.

As far as the lighting goes the setup of this render was simply one Area light and one Photon Lamp, which will most certainly be upgraded for the final render. The main reason for the simple setup at the moment is render speed for these material tests.

Hopefully I will have another render up sometime tonight, either a better flower texture or another model for the scene. This whole project is seeming like it shall take some amount of time though, as my classes are really starting to pick up and I have more projects than I like the think about at the moment.

EDIT: On a related note, does anyone have any suggestion/tutorials for making a good wood texture?

That’s really cool. Perfect lighting. My only crit is the cube it resides in. When I look real close, I can see the corner…maybe try using a plane insted, but other than that, good work.

very nice textureing work! the lightning is very good too!
but i think you can add more detail to the flowers,cuz right now they dont look
very realistic.nontheless the image is very profesionaly done.


A quick update. Mainly just changed the pitcher bump mapping to UV maps to get rid of the stretching (first time I have used UV maps, so it took me an afternoon of messing around to get it right). I have also messed with the flower textures, but they seem to be getting worse, ah well, that just means more tweaking in the near future.

Since its hard to read at the angle, the front of the pitcher says “Thousand Word Pitchers”. A joke which I must attribute to my older brother, a man who has a disturbing love of bad puns.

Very good - but i thing you should make the flower a bit more irregular - this one looks like a plastic or material flower