Dagger of Time

Here’s the Dagger of Time of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.
C & C please!


Unconfortable handle :wink:


I’ll think up something … I hope so at least %|

Anyway, here’s the Dagger with environment:
Hope u like it

I like the concept of it, but a dagger made like this would be dangerous to the bearer. When he “Spielbergs” someone with it (ka-splut!), those points are gonna plow into his fingers. (The top grip is more like it: the points serve an offensive purpose and the web of the thumb is protected.) The handgrip itself would be quite difficult to grip and could easily slide out of Hero’s hand when he pulls the blade back out of the Disgusting Nasty. That decorative sub-point on the top edge of the blade would quickly shear off, possibly weaking the blade or even causing it to snap if a stress fault is nearby. And the weight of the blade vs. the handle does not seem well-balanced.

Little details like this do help the believability of the scene. If this is a Prince’s knife, his knifemaker would really know his stuff.

Nice little sand-texture there, and good lighting. Needs a bit more spec on the blade itself o’course.

thanks sundialsvc4 for the tips! I’ll be right on it, but in the meantime another pose of the Dagger.

Not bad. I’m a big fan of the game :wink:

Slight update, added rings to prevent the “slip effect”, sharpened some points, and that’s about it. Please ignore the white ends of the spikey things at the handle, cuz I forgot to paint them over and I don’t want to render that again :smiley:

lookin better, keep it up. :stuck_out_tongue: