Today I decided to make a dagger, so after looking at some references this is the result.
I’d like to get some feedback if you have a moment to spare.

It looks good. But if you want a some feedback I think it looks a bit like it’s made of plastic, but apart from that it looks good. :slight_smile:

Thanks Littlemonkey, here’s an update attempting to improve the shaders.

The blade is ok, but the rest of the model seems flat. It might look better if the handle had a rounder cross section, and the blade guard and pommel were not flattened in the same plane as the blade. Also, I think you could use a bit of a transition between the hilt and the channel running down the blade center and the taper to the blade edge. Seems like the blade was just glued onto the hilt rather than forged out of a single piece of metal.