Daily build for MAC?


First let me say I am not bitching about it because there are other options, but the last time a daily build was created for a Mac is Jan 16th. There are a few usable builds on Graphicall.org, so we Mac uses are not left out in the cold, but I am just wondering other than people have real jobs and are busy, is there a reason the Mac daily builds are falling almost two weeks behind?

Should we see this as foreshadowing of things to come with Blender releases?

Just wanted to express my support on this issue. I use Blender on my Mac; it is central to my workflow. I am grateful for Blender; please maintain builds for Mac OS. Thanks.

I don’t see why. The buildbot tries to complie a OSX version every day but the build keeps failing. This has happened before where the build fails for weeks on end. When the offical RC and final releases are made available there are always OSX versions. You’ll need to contact the developers to enquire whether the buildbot site can be updated to get the compiling working.

Hi, I provide 2 of the most current OSX builds on GraphicAll. I build daily for myself (via automation), and upload builds about twice a week. I would upload daily to GraphicAll, but they don’t have an API for me to automate that process. In fact, earlier today I’ve updated my builds.

Anyway, there are 2 Mac versions on the official daily build site (http://builder.blender.org/download/). The one from January 16th is for osx 10.5. There’s one there from today for osx 10.6 and up. That should be what you are looking for, no?

lastly, these builds from the latest repo commits are beyond bleeding edge and can sometimes fail. That’s just the nature of these things with any project… I wouldn’t worry about a particular build being behind for a while. In the past, my freestyle build was outdated because I couldn’t get it to build properly… There was some “clean up” of the code base that broke it… After a few days, there was a fix for that issue and all was good again.

If there only was a way to earmark donations to Bender/OS X development.
I’ve always been a windows person but the past 8 years i’ve more and more been a Win/OS X user and now days i’m pretty much only using OS X.
I don’t dislike windows, i just like the OS X environment more and have invested in Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 and some other programs which is amazing to use in OS X.

Windows and Linux users seems to have it covered.
I want to donate to Blender development, but i want to make sure it gets into OS X favor.
Is that possible?

Hi, I’ve founded this thread lately. There is a delay again with the daily builds for Mac OSX:
Mac builds are from 10th and 17th february. Everything else is updated everyday. Latest builds for other OS are from today: 28th february.
I thought that this buildbot thing is automated. What is the problem then with the OSX builds?

I provide regular graphicall builds, partly reasoned cause the buildbot was constantly outdated already 1.5 years ago…

Would be great to adress this, or at least inform us, why this is happening. (with the buildbot)

As well, the point of Aloyr about Graphicall upload - Totally agree - I have a weak internet connection too, so sometimes i have to upload like 3.4 times until it works. An API or FTP upload would be really nice, since me too builds every day, just not upload every day…

@aloyr: wonder, are you able to build CUDA Kernels? (SM10-21/30)