Daily Builds from Zoo-Logique can't import OBJ?

I noticed that in the latest couple of builds, the import menu is empty, while the import scripts are in their proper folder. So basically I can’t import any .OBJ’s

Anyway to fix that myself or hope the good people at Zoo-Logique will fix it?


Could it be this?

Uh, sorry, ignore this. I see that you’re a regular user, so you must already be knowing all of this.
I assume you’ve the proper version of python (2.5/3)?
sorry if that’s a stupid question.

(>> Anyway to fix that myself or hope the good people at Zoo-Logique will fix it? <<
There ain’t any “good people” at zoo-logique. It’s a one-man factory, also known as jms(olier) :smiley: )

Everything else is working, just the little fold out menu where the import possibilities are (were/should be), is a little empty box. I’ll try a new build later, it has happened before features went awol in between builds :slight_smile:

In the meanwhile I’ll open the OBJ in 2.49, save it as blend and go from there.

I suggest you try deleting the subfolders and re-unzipping both the blendercomplementary pack (first) and the newst win32_b25xxx.zip. It looks like something got corrupted.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Yup, that did the trick. But I’m wondering what caused it in the first place.

Probably incompatibility between some newer files and the older ones. I too had a similar problem - I’d keep getting a mile-long of error messages when starting (jms)Blender - so now I delete all the old ones, and do a “clean install”. Or, make a new folder, and copy any important old files there.