daily drawings - a bill miller

hi everyone
this is my first post to the forum…

some background, as a summer project I’ve been making drawings and then using them with cloth simulations. Its sort of a conceptual art project - the drawing gets digitized and then simulated.
more of them here on my website

drawing for today (07272015)

drawing for today (07282015)

Nice work. I like the feel of the cloth.

thanks, it took me a lot of tries - i’m finally thinking that that the texture has characteristics like the paper the drawings are on but is also a believable cloth/fabric

drawing from 07292015

drawing for 07302015

drawing for 08052015

drawing for 08072015

over the weekend i tried the last few drawings out as short animations. i wanted to add wind/force to see how that effects the material and the look of the drawing. These GIFs aren’t the most amazing representation - since they actually look like the high resolution still frames I’ve been posting, but maybe a good way to get a sense of how they can move
https://38.media.tumblr.com/e07da71da0700b35a69675b49185a14d/tumblr_nsvbzvTy0k1qgwdiso1_500.gif https://31.media.tumblr.com/1abcb783c4e66000889e10dd7d60bba3/tumblr_nstdvjpImo1qgwdiso1_500.gif