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BlenderNation.com provides daily articles about Blender News, Art, Tutorials and Development updates.

We visit the Elysiun forums regularly but if you think we missed something or if you have other news for us, please let us know!

Have fun,

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Good site! I’ll be checking it a lot for Blender information. Thanks :smiley:

I visit your site every day, [email protected], and I think it’s great. Going to look at it now.


Thats a pretty hefty commitment there [email protected]! Kudos!

I’ll be spreading the link around to our many Danish Blenderheads.

Nice job on keeping your promise of,
“Blender news, everyday, the Blender way.”

Hi all,

thanks for the positive replies! We’re maintaining the site with a team of four right now and we’re still having a great time, so I think we’ll stick to our slogal for a while longer :wink:


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Ok, apologies for the biggest necro post ever, but Discourse just pointed me to this post for some reason and I just loved it (including the typo :slight_smile: ). It’s hard to believe I’ve been running BlenderNation now for more than 13 years - and in all those years I think I missed less than 10 days! So our slogan ‘Fresh Blender News, Every Day’ still holds. And guess what? I still love doing it every day - I’m very proud of what it BlenderNation has become and how it helps the Blender community.