Daily reminder, this was made in 1985

It’s amazing what they could do with all the limitations back then…they turned it into amazing artistry.

Eevee could probably render all this in less than a minute with everything “cool” turned off, it’s the art and thought behind it that is amazing !


I have never heard that phase before…
Does that means that since I am broke as f…I will be so limited that I will create the greatest art ?

Maybe not that far back, but close enough:

And let’s not forget this classic - for a few of us at least:

Might as well take a trip down memory lane these days.
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Who made these ?
Just a little ambient occlusion would have made everything 1000 times better.

And yet, as an add-on dev, the only thing I try to do is purge limitations. lol

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Do you get paid coming up with deep speeches at a drop of a hat ?

The official video for Money for Nothing also comes to mind.

That was “revolutionary” for the day, and artists (as always) were very eager to embrace it. Just as they are today.

Also, please remember that the first cinematic release of Star Wars – long before George Lucas thought of adding “Episode IV” – was produced using no computer graphics at all … other than a brief Tektronix graphics display on the console of a Rebel fighter. This was “the state of the art” at that time, and it was absolutely revolutionary. (koff, koff … wheeze …) Nobody who walked into that theater had ever seen anything remotely like it. Because it had never existed before. The envelope had not just been “pushed,” but “teleported.”

(koff, koff …) You had to be there. “There it was, happening, right before your eyes.” Sorry you missed it. :slight_smile:

P.S.: And when your grandkids get back from “experiencing” the latest thing on the neighborhood holodeck, which they completely take for granted, you just might be feeling the same way about technology as I do right now. Technology waits for no one.

Here is one, I remember being blown away when I first saw this (1983)…


And this one from 1984…

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Just look at them reflections…this…this computer graphic thing is going to go places !


Just think, that pool ball image was the pinnacle of what Blender could achieve in visuals 20 years later in the early 2.3x days (as a sign of just how far behind it was compared to commercial apps.).

Now Blender (as of 2.83) can create visuals competitive with many of the commercial solutions.


I remember Money for Nothing and being amazed. Also with Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer video. I still love that one to this day.

And, erm, you might want to watch that cough in these trying times, lol.

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Anyone have digital domains early cg portfolio ?
I remember there is this mime/clown guy on the rope thing…anyone have a link to that or am I remember it wrong ?

If I had the choice I’d gladly miss it again on puropse, given how that means not having to whitness all the horrors of that sombre period of utter bad taste generally known as the 80ies :stuck_out_tongue:.

Well, I have fonder memories of the 80s than the march 2020 times…

Any tips how to recreate this early style? I’m pretty fascinated by it. Can 2.8 do Phong or Gouraud shading?

Pretty sure it was Saban Entertainment. They had a in house effects department of Lightwave users in 1995 doing Power ranger stuff.

And who would ever have guessed that the Mick Jagger video we got for 2020 was him performing for the whole world from his living room.

Wait…that mmpr movie cg is light wave ?

The 1995 movie? No idea I just know the TV show was done by Saban because I
had some friends that worked there at the time.

Not exactly 85 but 95, I remember as a kid watching this serial and it was simply unbelievable. Jumping from Doom2 and DonkeyKong SNES graphics was like day and night difference.

Not to mention that now a beginner with no experience at all but following 1-2-3 steps can easily recreate these scenes. It always makes me think how people of the past would drool over what technology we have now and we instead get lazy and not exploit all of the possibilities.