What’s it need, folks?


I’ve been so busy lately that I hadn’t done much Blendering. :x

Trying to get back into it.

Any comments on lighting, texturing, etc. would be great.

Hey, that’s cool… it could use better lighting… not GI or messy AO, but maybe just another lamp to simulate bounced light. Also, the daisy petals ought to look thinner and more translucent, and some modeled seeds might be nice (dupliverts maybe…) … anyway, keep going!

they look plastic. try using translucency.

The bumps on the centres look wrong to me. Think of it as lots and lots of little balls (and very brightly coloured balls, too)…

looks great - background needs to be higher resolution - it looks like you used procedural textures! :wink:

Nice work on the details. I’d make the petals somewhat rounder at the end and straighter (they are too small to hang through from their own weight, and they are not curved by themselves). Also, the colors should be brighter, add a big fat light to the scene or something.

Hey thanks!

I’ll try these suggestions out.

Depth of Field would look good as well I think.