Hi everyone !

This is my latest project. Very simple, but I’m happy with the result.
Made in blender, rendered in cycles.
Hope you like it !

Wow! It looks really detailed to the point it’s realistic!

How long did it take to render? Also, did you make each of the disc flowers separately or did you use a particle node? One more question…I’m sorry; how did you create the dew, or water droplets on the daisy?

Again, it’s really a pretty render. Simple yet beautiful.


nice petals,

Now this is just cut to the front of the line for the Blendergurus top artwork of the month! Well done, extraordinary work!

The attention to detail is incredible, you obviously didn’t leave any omission in this piece.

It really does have a near perfect resemblance of an actual photograph, well done.

Thank you for your comment, I’m glad you like it.
It took 2 hours to render at 200 samples. for the disc flowers, I modeled five of them and it used a particle system, but they are all unique thanks to a randomized color and a displacement applied with global coordinates. The droplets are easy: they are a particle group of a distorted sphere.