Dakka Dakka's Game Mesh Library

Dakka Dakka has decided that he will post all of his GE related models and effects in this thread for all the community to view. Over the past year I’ve modeled and all of these models. Now, you can use them in any of your projects when you want, but just don’t claim anything as your own.








Thanks for the stuff! Some nice works you have there. :wink:

Dakka Dakka could benefit from a spell-checker. :wink:

Case in point: Ligrary = Library

WOW- so lemme get this straight: your gonna give us all that stuff for free as long as we dont take claim to it… you guys are the best
-I would try to do this like you and OTO and everybody else who has given models to the communnity, except i dont really have anything worth giving…yet
Thanks Dakka Dakka
PS- your an excellent low poly modeler, btw

Thanks Dakka Dakka, do you always talk about yourself in 3rd person? :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate the community support! :smiley:

EDIT: I noticed that the infantry character isn’t low poly at all! 10k for 1 character! That is much too high even for some commercial games. I expect low poly to be anywhere below 3000 poly’s per model (unless it is a landscape/building/something with a large mass).

EDIT2 (see me using the edit button? :slight_smile: ) :Those effects might come in handy sometime, along with those plant life.
I really like your areas/maps, some of them are still too high poly for my taste, but they are quite well modeled!

Wow Dakka Dakka! You’ve really impressed me. Many of your models are outstanding, and original.
However, there are several outstanding problems, for a start the lack of UVs on half of your models, although when you do put UVs on they’re out of this world quality, it’s a shame every model isn’t UV mapped.
Another problem is some of the models are massively high vert in comparison to the industry norm, and in every other way but the level maps and the alpha maps you could have used normal mapping to keep the outstanding model geometry and make it a more proccessable vert count.

All that said, you’ve still impressed me no end. After a few more months working on your technical abilities I’m sure your models will be flawless.

Thanks for the replies everyone! You’ll find that the models without any textures are the ones from the futuristic era. These are also the ones with very high poly counts. This is because I model my meshes in high poly, then I use the poly reducer. The only trouble is, my infantry guy looked like crap when I reduced polys.

Dakka Dakka does actually have a spell checker, but last night it wasn’t turned on, (not sure why.) So I simply scanned the text for the red underline, found none so thought it was all good.

I’m planning on making some more models, and maybe texture some of the ones I have. Keep on Blending!

This stuff looks verry cool!
thanks Dakka Dakka!

I suggest not using the poly reducer, and instead just modeling at the target resolution. You’ll get better looking, lower poly models, with better details and silhouettes. For details like the vents along the sides of the guns, or smaller wrinkles in clothes, use textures.
The models have a good style, but could use some touching up.

.zip please
Nice looking stuff…the third person stuff is making you sound a little like Gollum.

YO TURIN! Use a program called 7zip. It can extract files saved in a .rar format.

Indeed…the only problem is that I’m not an admin on my computer and I can’t download win32exe’s. If anyone finds 7zip in a .zip format (ironic), please tell me.


Here is the link to Le Box! 7zip on Box.net Is here!

Thanks man!!!